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Tools for Selling Real Estate


Our trained professional agents are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.  Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you will need before, during and after the successful selling of your property or home. 



Why use MLS to Sell Real Estate?


The MLS or Multiple Listing Service can also help market your home, particularly to real estate agents who may know of buyers seeking a property like yours. The MLS is a directory used by real estate agents to announce to other agents that they have a home for sale. Since many buyers are familiar with the MLS, it can be a worthwhile advertising tool for the motivated seller or for the diligent investor.


Call us today to assist you with listing your property on the MLS directory.  To see what MLS looks like, click below to browse listings our current listing in MLS.


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List your Property Today


Are you ready to sell your real estate property?  Our agents can assist you through the entire process and will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.


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What is a Home Inspection?


A lot goes on between the application and closing the deal.  A home inspection result can affect the value of your property.  Do you know if your home needs repair?


   ► More About Home Inspection


Home Appraisal vs. Home Inspection?


A home inspection is not an appraisal that determines the value of a home. Nor will a home inspector tell you if you should buy this home or what to pay for this home. 


Over the years we have worked with countless appraisers and can offer you guidance on trustworthy appraisers. Contact us today to learn more about choosing the right appraiser.




Important Tips to Selling Your Home

Tip 1. Preparing your home to sell - make it look great
Presentation is everything! Home buyers are attracted to clean, spacious and attractive houses. Consider inviting a neighbor or friend over to walk through your house like a buyer would. Get their opinion on how it "shows."

Tip 2. Look for a real estate broker

This is a critical step that may save you time and even guarantee you profit in the long run.  Our experienced agents understand what it takes to effectively market your property.  

Tip 3. Pricing your home effectively
Do not over price your home. Over-pricing when you sell a home reduces buyer interest, makes competing homes look like better values, and can lead to mortgage rejections once the appraisal is in. Know your market before pricing and consider getting your property appraised.

Over-pricing when selling a home is the single biggest reason why many "for sale by owner" home sellers don't sell their homes successfully.

With over 20 years of real estate experience, we know the housing market and can provide you with realistic forecasts.  Sapphire Realty can assist you with determining the best value of your home. 

Tip 4. Marketing your home
Exposure, exposure, exposure. That's how sellers sell their home fast.

Sapphire Realty provides extensive home exposure because of the enormous traffic on our web site each month (that's Internet-speak for new people). We ensure that we are placed on Internet search engines so buyers can easily find our site throughout process of selling your home. 

Aside from listing your home on our website, we can assist you with the following:

   1. Writing your sell ad

   2. Taking good home photos:

       - Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words!


   3. Placing of lawn signs

       - Lawn signs are one the most important marketing tools

         for home sellers. They attract attention to your home.

         Let us help you create professionally-produced signs. 


   4. Open houses

       - Open houses are invaluable in attracting buyers to your

         conducting open houses to attract potential buyers.


   5. Home Brochures/Information sheets

       - It is a good idea to create an information sheet (with a

         photo) about your home to give potential buyers.


   6. The MLS

       - The MLS or Multiple Listing Service can also help

         market your home, particularly to real estate agents

         who may know of buyers seeking a property like yours.

         The MLS is a directory used by real estate agents to

         announce to other agents that they have a home for

         sale. Enhance visibility of your home on MLS today. 


Tip 5. Negotiating an offer on your home
When a home buyer makes an offer (this is often presented to you directly from the buyer or through their lawyer), you should consult with your real estate agent. Buyers and sellers have an Attorney Review Period, which is usually three days, to cancel or amend the offer. The offer becomes a contract at the end of the Attorney Review Period, and is binding. Many of your home's offers can be complicated and contain special clauses that favor the buyer.

Purchase price isn't everything. Carefully consider the purchase contract's other terms and conditions. Too many contingencies can leave loopholes and cause a deal to collapse. Sapphire Realty can guide you through this entire process.

Tip 6. Closing
The day of the closing, the home's buyer will do a "walk through" of the property to make sure all agreed repairs are completed and that the home is in the same condition as when the buyer made their offer. If problems arise at this point, the closing can still take place with funds held in escrow to remedy the problem.

Closings usually occur 30 - 45 days after you have signed the sales contract. Depending on what state you reside in, you may close with an attorney, or with a title company. At the closing, all monies will be collected, any existing loans or liens will be paid, the deed will be transferred, and insurance will be issued insuring a free and clear title. The home seller will receive the proceeds of their home in one to two business days after the closing.

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